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AIDS Statistics in Black America (03:13)


The AIDS epidemic continues to rise at a frightening rate among African-Americans. Black people contract AIDS eight times more frequently than whites do. Black women are 23 times more likely to be diagnosed with AIDS than white women are.

AIDS Awareness in U.S. (03:55)

Many government officials remain surprisingly ignorant of the growing rate of AIDS infection among black Americans, particularly black women.

Government Failure in AIDS Crisis (06:21)

Some government policies have only succeeded in making the African-American AIDS epidemic worse. The government does not allow condoms in prison or fund needle exchange programs that would reduce the rate of HIV infection.

Patterns of Sexual Behavior Among Black Americans (06:28)

An increasing number of heterosexual black women have become infected through sexual contact with HIV-positive men. With an imbalance of black men to black women, men have a tendency to engage in multiple relationships.

On the Down Low: Gay Black Men (06:17)

Many gay or bisexual black men try to hide their sexual orientation, keeping their homosexual activities secret from their female partners largely due to the social stigma of homosexuality and HIV infection in the black community.

Black Women: The Truth and Protection (03:02)

Black women blame black men for knowingly exposing them to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases while concealing past or present homosexual activities.

Lack of Leadership in the Fight Against AIDS (05:53)

In the past 25 years no prominent black leader has made the U.S. AIDS epidemic a top priority. As the cornerstone of the black community, the African-American church has not done enough to address the issue of AIDS in black America.

Increasing Awareness of AIDS in Black America (04:59)

Reverend Jesse Jackson has spoken about the AIDS crisis but has yet to fully address its impact on blacks in the U.S. The growing number of black victims of AIDS must be recognized by Americans of all races.

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With the final investigative work of journalist Peter Jennings as its cornerstone, this program studies the frightening rise of AIDS among African-Americans—a trend that has been developing for several years, but which has gone largely unnoticed outside the black community. Jennings’ contribution to the program is a candid group discussion he conducted with HIV-positive African-American men in Atlanta. In addition to that eye-opening conversation, the program also features talks between anchor Terry Moran and various black leaders—including the Reverends Jesse Jackson, Calvin Butts, and T. D. Jakes—and frank input from several African-American women. (41 minutes)

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