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Transsexual Athlete Wins Bike Race (08:25)


Michelle Dumaresq, a post-operative transsexual, competes in the women's division of a mountain bike race. Competitors believe she has unfair physical advantages and protest her victory.

Qualifications to Race as a Woman (03:53)

Mountain biker and transsexual Michelle Dumaresq qualifies for a World Cup race. Afterwards she has a frank discussion with her competitors about her sexuality and qualifications to race.

Gender Confusion and Identity (05:53)

Professional mountain bike racer Michelle Dumaresq grew up feeling like a girl trapped in a boy's body. Supportive, loving parents helped Michelle embrace her female identity.

Friendship and Competition (03:29)

Mountain biker and transsexual Michelle Dumaresq lost friends when she began winning women's races. Even fellow racers who accept her as a woman cannot accept her as a female competitor.

Support for Michelle Dumaresq (06:11)

Her competitors wonder, but a doctor implies that transsexual bike racer Michelle Dumaresq does not have an unfair advantage. Michelle gets support from one of the sport's leading racers.

Opposition to Michelle Dumaresq (07:28)

Opponents of transsexual mountain bike racer Michelle Dumaresq seek to have her disqualified from competing in women's events. She continues racing and wins a spot on Canada's national team.

World Championship of Mountain Biking (02:11)

Transsexual bike racer Michelle Dumaresq represents Canada at the World Championships. A teammate accepts but disagrees with the decision that allows Michelle to compete as a woman.

Debate over Transsexual Athletes (04:29)

The story of transsexual mountain bike racer Michelle Dumaresq sparks international debate. The first well-known transsexual athlete, tennis player Renee Richards, advises Michelle to quit.

Training to be a Professional Athlete (06:18)

Despite the controversy surrounding her, transsexual mountain bike racer Michelle Dumaresq trains hard to achieve her goal of competing professionally.

Michelle Dumaresq: Canadian Champion (04:34)

Transsexual mountain bike racer Michelle Dumaresq gains acceptance from a former friend and critic. She encounters continued opposition after winning her sport's Canadian championship.

Transsexual Athletes at the Olympics (04:00)

Critics charge that mountain biker Michelle Dumaresq should not compete as a woman because she is transsexual. Transsexual athletes have been cleared to compete in the Olympic Games.

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A post-operative transsexual, Michelle Dumaresq has provoked outrage by entering the sport of women’s mountain bike racing. This program studies complex issues of gender identity surrounding the controversy and manifested in Dumaresq’s personal and professional relationships. Commentary from her parents reveals unconditional support for her choices, while interviews with friends and rival cyclists indicate a wider range of positions—from confused ambivalence to a belief that Dumaresq is male and should be barred from competing. A candid look at clashing views of femininity, 100 Percent Woman explores challenging terrain in gender sociology. (60 minutes)

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