Segments in this Video

Muslim Women: Two Worlds (05:13)


In Shirin Neshat's video, “The Woman Moves,” a Muslim woman moves through crowds and open spaces. Muslim woman live in two worlds: a world of traditional values and a world of modernity.

Neshat: Merging Cinema and Visual Arts (02:47)

"Shadow Under the Web" depicts a Muslim woman running through streets and other spaces. The audio adds a desperate tone to Neshat's video piece. Neshat's techniques involve viewers.

Neshat's "Women of Allah" Series (02:49)

Neshat paints her series between 1993 and 1997. Neshat's perspective is that of an artist returning to her homeland as an outsider. In this series, she adds text over the photographs.

Neshat's "Rapture" (08:07)

Neshat creates “Rapture” in 1999. Black-robed Muslim women move over barren land. Random movements of men appear chaotic and futile. Viewers have room for many interpretations.

Shirin Neshat: "Turbulent" (04:45)

"Turbulent" offers a perspective on music in Muslim society. Neshat considers the nature of music, as it might be if women were the creators. "Turbulent" appears simultaneously on two screens.

Madness: Neshat's "Turbulent" (03:52)

Muslim women are deprived of the whirling dervish dance. The camera's movements suggest the madness of the dervish dance. On two monitors, the male and female fugures are in start contrast.

Shirin Neshat: "Fervor" (07:45)

In "Fervor," Neshat concentrates on the taboos around sexuality in Iran. Both men and women experience tension and pressure because of strict social controls.

Neshat and the World of Filmmaking (03:57)

Neshat works with other Iranian filmmakers. They have pushed her abilities in production, cinematography, and storyboard development. Neshat is conscious of her developing talent.

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Expressing the Inexpressible: Shirin Neshat

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An acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, and video artist, Iranian-born Shirin Neshat addresses the complex forces shaping the identity of Muslim women throughout the world and explores the social, political, and psychological dimensions of women’s experiences. In this program, she explicates her haunting video installations Shadow Under the Web; Turbulent; Soliloquy; Rapture; and Fervor, as well as her seminal series of still images, The Women of Allah. In addition, she discusses being both an insider and an outsider in two different cultures, the narrative power of cinema, sexual taboos in Islamic society, the tension between traditional and modern values, the nature of expression when expression itself is forbidden, and the quiet strength and bravery of women that prompts them to rebel against repression. (42 minutes)

Length: 42 minutes

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