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Childhood During the Spanish Civil War (03:32)


The youngest in his family, Luis Goytisolo recalls a sense of isolation from his older brothers as his family moved from the city of Barcelona to the countryside during the Spanish Civil War.

Opposition to Francoism in Art and Literature (03:35)

Goytisolo feels the changes in Spain have come about very slowly. Artistic and literary creations that that varied from official art and literature were completely marginalized, creating a cultural stagnancy that lasted until the 1970s.

Reinventing the History of Spain (02:18)

Spain has always been a mosaic, dating back to the Iberian or tribal age until Spain was reinvented in the 19th century. Goytisolo believes that the reason no one writes about the Spanish Civil War is that people want to forget about it.

Politics of the Spanish Civil War (02:15)

When Italy bombed Barcelona, many innocent civilians died, including Goytisolo's mother. The Communist party was an active force during the Spanish Civil War but unlike anarchist groups, did not use assassinations in their fight against Franco.

Self Censorship: The Worst Form of Censorship (03:02)

Writing comes from an internal force for Goytisolo, who uses it to gain understanding of the world and himself. In an attempt to avoid censorship, Goytisolo censored himself and wrote about political ideas in ways that were unobjectionable.

Hedonistic Pleasures Replacing Sexuality (02:29)

Goytisolo believes that the Spanish libido has been replaced by other pleasures. Spanish youth now turn to alcohol and drugs for entertainment as is common in the youth of Anglo-Saxon societies, where forms of intoxication replace sexuality.

Casualties of War (01:40)

Assassinations occurred on both sides of the Spanish Civil War and after the war Franco executed his enemies by firing squads. Goytisolo finds few similarities between the Spanish civil war to the circumstances of any other country.

Novels, Films, and Documentaries (04:36)

Despite the visual nature of Goytisolo's work, he is glad that none of his literature has been translated to a motion picture because he feels it changes the original work into something else. As a film director, Goytisolo works with documentaries.

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In the four novels of Antagonía, Luis Goytisolo explores the cultural and political milieu of Barcelona in the 1950s and 60s through characters disabused of their youthful ideals. In this interview, the Spanish novelist discusses many of the postmodern strategies and creative considerations involved in writing his ambitious tetralogy. (Spanish with English subtitles, 27 minutes)

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