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Jane Jacobs' "Web Way of Thinking" (05:53)


Streets, and how they work, are the most important part of a city. "Web way of thinking" influences Jacobs' way of planning and writing.

Jane Jacob's Early Writings (05:33)

In her first two books, Jacobs defies early conventional wisdom in what makes a city orderly, simplistic and well functionally.

Effect of Economies on Cities (04:45)

Jacobs investigates how cities' economies affect each other and the world outside of them. Her books use didactic dialogue to develop arguments.

"Nature of Economies" (04:49)

Jacobs parallels the principals of nature to principals of economies, especially with development.

Economic and Planetary Habitats (02:18)

According to Jacobs, for survival and development, both economic and planetary habitats must be maintained.

Future of Planet (04:20)

Jacobs believes that the law of diminishing returns does not make sense without the law of responsive substitution.

Innovated Economies (04:54)

Jacobs claims that economies, like the weather, evolution, and language, cannot be predictive in order to maintain and survive.

Jacobs' Early Writings (01:14)

In the 1930s Jacobs writes articles on New York's business districts. These set the precedence for her later ideas and writings.

Jacobs' Creativity and Ingenuity (06:37)

Jacobs' discusses her development of ideas and writing as discovery. She values the ideas and energy of young people as her audience.

Behaviors of Cities (01:31)

The study of streets, neighborhoods, and parks opens up puzzles about the city as a whole. The nature of economies is about the whole universe.

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Through her groundbreaking books, Jane Jacobs has influenced the planning and understanding of cities and economies with what she calls a “web way of thinking.” In this program, Jacobs shares her insights into urban planning by tracing the progression of ideas in her books, including The Death and Life of Great American Cities; The Economy of Cities; Cities and the Wealth of Nations; Systems of Survival; and her most recent, The Nature of Economies. An extended interview with Jacobs is blended with scenes from various North American cities and footage of her 1997 seminar, “Ideas That Matter.” (45 minutes)

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