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Revealing Portraits (01:41)


Since the beginning of photography people have been fascinated by what photographs can reveal about their subjects. Photographic portraits provide glimpses into people's personalities, lives, and the times in which they lived.

Creating Celebrity Portraits (07:19)

Photographer Michael Collopy creates intriguing portraits of celebrities by developing a rapport with his subjects and engaging them in emotional, personal conversations.

Snapshot Photography (04:56)

Photography was transformed in 1888 by Eastman Kodak's simple, easy to use snapshot cameras. Snapshot photography enables people to record personal and family histories and to document the social and cultural details of their lives.

Family Photographs (02:58)

Family photographs serve important functions in society. They document and reveal much about family histories, family structures, relationships, culture, and daily life.

Snapshots as Art (05:54)

Some art photographers incorporate characteristics of snapshot photographs into their work. Snapshots from generations ago are sought by collectors who have no personal connection to the subjects in the pictures.

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Portraits and Snapshots

Part of the Series : The Language of Photography
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Since the Civil War, portrait and snapshot photography have provided a visual history of life—and transformed society. This program explores how professional and amateur photographers capture the essence of people while considering the intensely personal nature of portraits and snapshots, their use as means of self-exploration and cultural narrative, and concerns involving their commodification and decontextualization. Commentary is provided by photographers Michael Collopy, Dale Kistemaker, Larry Sultan, Catherine Wagner, Richard Barnes, and Ed Kashi. (27 minutes)

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