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Photo Manipulation (04:23)


Photographers have always had the ability to manipulate images and distort the truth. Today, with digital technology, it's easier than ever to do so. Viewers should look at photos with critical eyes.

The Meaning of a Photograph (04:21)

A photograph's meaning is influenced by its context, how it's presented, the photographer's point of view, and the viewer's expectations. Captions help clarify a photo's intended meaning.

Observation and Perception (04:49)

Photography is a medium of observation influenced by selective perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs of both the photographer and the viewer. Images gain power when they engage us in the world.

Digital Manipulation (04:03)

With digital tools it's easier than ever to adjust the technical quality of photos and also to distort the truth. The ethics of digitally manipulating photographs is an ongoing subject of debate.

Photographic Decisions (05:02)

Photographers discuss how point of view, composition, perspective, motivation, ethics, content, meaning, and technical considerations influence how and why they make photographs.

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Photographic Storytelling

Part of the Series : The Language of Photography
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This program examines how photographers work with images to communicate stories and ideas and how viewers interpret those images. Message manipulation deriving from point of view, context, editing, superimposing, cropping, recoloring, and captioning are discussed. In addition, selective perception—seeing pictures through the filters of values and prejudices—is studied. Commentary is provided by Doug Nickel, curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Joel Slayton, of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media at San José State University; Shanto Iyengar, director of the Political Communication Lab at Stanford University; and others. (27 minutes)

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