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Unintentional Prejudice Revealed (03:56)


Its the little things like making false assumptions that keep us at odds with others and create tensions between races. Everyday interactions can be aggressive, irritating, or easily misinterpreted.

Everyday Racism (02:54)

What seems like casual conversation to Whites may feel over-familiar to Blacks, who perceive they are being treated as non-persons. Whites complain about racism in Blacks, but the issues tend to be smaller.

Whites and Blacks are Defensive (01:58)

Whites are offended when Blacks say, "It’s a Black thing and Whites just don't get it." Defensiveness on both sides adds to the problem. Lena Williams advises all of us to "lighten up".

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Little Things: When Prejudice Is Unintentional

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A great classroom conversation starter, this ABC News program explores the kinds of incidents and behavior that prompted The New York Times reporter Lena Williams to write an article entitled, "The Everyday Interactions that Get under the Skin of Blacks and Whites." Focus groups polled and interviewed on the subject reveal how statements, gestures, and even body language can be interpreted—rightly or wrongly—as racial prejudice. (10 minutes)

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