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Introduction: Nursing Professionalism: Attitude and Appearance (00:48)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of nursing professionalism training.

Attitude (06:27)

A positive or negative attitude and stress affects a nurse's well-being and patient quality of care. Learn stress-reducing techniques. Professionals discuss tips when encountering negativity and assessing oneself.

Appearance (03:26)

Appearance is the first way that people judge you; people make judgments about others within the first 60 seconds of meeting. A clean and professional appearance inspires confidence.

Credits: Nursing Professionalism: Attitude and Appearance (00:46)

Credits: Nursing Professionalism: Attitude and Appearance

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Nursing Professionalism: Attitude and Appearance

Part of the Series : Nursing Professionalism
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Professionalism in nursing is exemplified in a nurse's attitude and appearance. This program discusses the importance of having a positive attitude in creating a positive work environment with the healthcare team and in improving patient satisfaction. It offers tips for what to do when working with someone with a negative attitude. It also considers how appearance affects how a patient relates to the nurse and judges the nurse's competence. A MotionMasters Production.

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