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Airline Catering (04:24)


Gate Gourmet has 200 kitchens globally; the LAX kitchen produces up to 40,000 meals a day and sources items from across the U.S. Meal dispatch loads passenger information into the system. Hot food must undergo blast chilling before assembly.

Gate Gourmet (04:41)

The company comprises 24% of the airline catering industry. The LAX kitchen can prepare up to 275 different dishes; meal types differ by cabin class. Altitude affects taste bud sensitivity. The Santa Barbara Smokehouse supplies two types of salmon.

Onboard Meals (05:45)

Gate Gourmet caters to every need of the meal. An expert discusses the history of airline meals. In the LAX kitchen, workers clean plates and cutlery from returning flights, load drink and snack carts, stage the blast-chilled food, plate the food, and pack the meal carts.

Checking and Loading (06:15)

The LAX kitchen can prepare up to 40,000 meals a day. A California farm provides Gate Gourmet's strawberries. Workers load meal trays, pack the carts, verify contents per destination, and load the carts onto flights. Flight attendants will reheat meals. (Credits)

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Episode 10: Airplane Meals (Made in a Day)

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Gate Gourmet is the world’s largest airline caterer, producing millions of meals from its huge Los Angeles kitchen every year. In this episode we go behind the scenes to reveal how locally sourced ingredients, and expert chefs, manage to feed 40,000 people flying from LAX every day.

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