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Pierce Firetrucks (05:05)


Every year, manufacturers produce 21,000 firetrucks; Pierce leads the American market. Stage one is chassis construction; firetruck design varies based on area of deployment. Stage two involves work on the firetruck's body. Steel is the second most mass-produced commodity worldwide.

Steel Machining (04:59)

At Pierce, 150 workers use specialist tools to fabricate firetruck body parts. Workers assemble 25 cabs per week. The global market for firetrucks will increase. Experts discuss water pump high-rise application.

Paint and Build (05:04)

Workers prime and paint firetruck components; Pierce offers over 200 shades of red and customized colors. In the build area, workers mount the cab and water pump to the chassis; Kewaunee Fabrications produces ladders for Pierce.

Aerial Truck Final Assembly (00:0-969)

At Kewaunee, workers use a unique welding technique when creating ladders for Pierce firetrucks. At Pierce, workers mount and test the ladder; others create and add the fire department badges to th truck. (Credits)

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At the heart of every community is a firehouse; at the heart of that firehouse are the firefighters who put their lives on the line 24/7. The warhorse that carries them into battle is the iconic fire truck. There are nearly 250,000 fire trucks worldwide. This is the story of how America’s favorite fire trucks are made.

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