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Sneakers: A $240 Billion Industry (04:04)


Over 200 New Balance employs work on the 990 sneaker in Lawrence, MA. The 990 requires 35 operations; 70% of materials are sourced in the U.S. Workers receive shipments of raw materials.

990 Leather (07:04)

Townsend Leather prepares pigskin nubuck. New Balance engineers examine the pigskins to ensure maximum use of the material. Workers prepare fabric parts for the sneaker and sew flat pieces together.

Closing and Assembly Stages (05:12)

Workers sew 990 materials into a three-dimensional shape; they produce 600 pairs a day. Sneaker have changed since the early 19th century. Workers use a last to help assemble the sneaker, glue on the sole, and add laces.

Customized Sneakers and Distribution (04:00)

New Balance products are designed with maximum flexibility to meet consumer requests. Each pair undergoes 55 steps in three hours. The distribution center houses 2.3 million pairs of shoes. Workers add country specific labels and pack boxes for shipment. The industry will likely increase 150% in five years. (Credits)

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Episode 3: Sneakers (Made in a Day)

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In the series exploring cutting-edge manufacturing in America, the New Balance flagship factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, is featured. New Balance is one of the few big brand sneaker companies still making their shoes in America. A combination of high-tech machinery, hand crafting skills and global logistics come together to make and distribute the brand’s best-selling sneaker and bring it to the world.

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