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Green Machines (05:58)


The U.S. houses over 280 million cars and consumes 9.3 million barrels of oil per day. Tesla produces up to 1,500 electric vehicles a day and sources parts for the Model 3 from around the world. Workers use the Schuler press to create the aluminum and steel body panels.

Car History and EV Popularity (03:37)

EV manufacturing dates back to the early 19th century. In 1908, Henry Ford produces a gas engine Model T. Emission regulations herald a surge in new technology. In 2017, Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Model 3. Half of all electric car sales occur in 25 cities.

Tesla Model 3 (06:53)

Workers assemble wiring components. A gigafactory produces the battery pack and drive unit; the EV can travel nearly 350 miles on a full charge. School buses are one of the worst pollution offenders. Lion Electric is the leading manufacturer of electric school buses in the U.S.

Lion Electric (04:35)

Manuel Morales learns to operate an electric school bus. School buses can save up to 23 tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year. A Tesla Model 3 undergoes the final assembly process; nearly half will be sold internationally. (Credits)

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This series explores cutting-edge manufacturing in an inter-connected world. Tesla in Freemont, California, shares electrifying insights into one of the most iconic electric cars — the Model 3. A surprising degree of high-tech automation, done by an army of robots, together with teams of skilled employees and global logistics, reveals just how these electric cars are made.

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