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Acre, Israel (07:23)


Albert Lin arrives in the ancient port city in search of the Knights Templar's command center and treasure. He and archaeologist Dr. Eliezer Stern explore the medieval Templar building beneath the Church of St. Andrew. Lin establishes a field lab.

Secret Templar Passageway (03:55)

Lin and archaeologist Dr. Edna Stern explore the tunnel 10 feet beneath the streets of Acre. Lin uses a LiDAR scanner to record the location of the guardhouse while his team uses drones to map the surface of the city; Lin will create a 3D map.

Templar Quarter (02:39)

Lin follows the 3D map to locate the Templar guardhouse under modern Acre; it marks the edge of the Templar zone. Gold is the key to the Templar's power and prestige.

Templar Gold (04:52)

Lin and Dr. Robert Kool examine a hoard of Crusader gold; a pot found beneath a castle links the coins to the Templars. In 1265, Mamluks invade Arsuf Castle and the Crusaders bury their gold. Kool discusses the cost of war and building Safed Castle.

Acre Lagoon (07:21)

The Templar of Tyre's 13th century journal mentions a Templar stronghold. Marine archaeologist Ehud Galili recalls finding gold coins. Lin and Galili explore architectural foundations along the harbor. Lin and his team scan the lagoon with a drone.

Jordan Valley Crusader Fortress (05:05)

Lin reviews drone data and identifies possible tower locations the Templar of Tyre identified in his journal. Lin meets Dr. Rabei Khamisy and they examine the exterior of Belvoir Castle.

Belvoir Fortress (05:12)

Lin and Khamisy explore the Crusader castle. Unique engineering helps defend against enemies storming the castle. In 1187, the fortress withstands an 18-month siege. Lin reconstructs fortress features in Acre and identifies the possible location of the treasure tower.

Acre Templar Fortress (05:18)

Lin examines a digital reconstruction of the fortress and reflects on the design. Fortresses were a physical manifestation of the Templars' wealth and power. Mamluks besiege Acre in 1291 and collapse the fortress walls.

Credits: Episode 1: Fortress of the Knights Templar (Lost Cities with Albert Lin) (00:26)

Credits: Episode 1: Fortress of the Knights Templar (Lost Cities with Albert Lin)

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Episode 1: Fortress of the Knights Templar (Lost Cities with Albert Lin)

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Albert Lin travels to Israel in search of the lost fortunes of the mysterious Knights Templar — warrior monks who ruled the Holy Land through blood, God and gold. Using cutting-edge technology, Lin investigates the hidden Crusader city and the secret tunnels that lie beneath it to discover their lost world, their gold and the secrets that made them so ruthlessly successful.

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