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Segovia (07:14)


Spain is a land of celebrations, history, and conflict. Segovia is rich in historic architecture including a gothic cathedral, a Roman aqueduct, and a 12th century castle. Nestor Marqués records and monitors the ancient buildings; workers install a replica statue on the aqueduct.

Barcelona (04:59)

Catalonia has a fierce sense of identity. The grid design with 45-deree corners on every block allows tram drivers to better navigate the modern section of the capital city. The La Sagrada Familia's unconventional design inspires architects like Benedetta Tagliabue.

La Rioja (04:32)

The Ebro River and its tributaries allow vineyards to flourish. In the autumn, María Urrutia declares the premium grapes are ready, and the picking team begins hand harvesting. Urrutia hopes to produce 6 million bottles of wine, 800,000 of which are exclusive.

Añana Valley (04:49)

An underground saline spring feeds the saltpans. Salinero Edorta Loma employs traditional methods to harvest the salt highly prized by the region's Basque chefs.

Costa Da Morte (04:59)

Galicia's treacherous Atlantic coastline is a haven for the goose barnacle, a highly prized shellfish. Manuel Cobas and Juan Carlos Costoya navigate the dangerous landscape to harvest the barnacles.

Pyrenees (04:19)

Skiers and mountaineers enjoy some of Spain's highest peaks. Canfranc International, one of Europe's largest railway stations, has been abandoned for over 40 years. Mayor Fernando Sánchez Morales wants to reopen the station, despite its controversial role in World War II.

Alcazar of Segovia (04:44)

Sunflower fields burst into life during the spring. In Segovia, Marqués finishes a project on one of the world's most unusual castles; drones provide a new perspective.

Solar Power Plant (05:40)

Andalusia, Spain's most arid region, is the home of flamenco and a once thriving film industry. A futuristic power plant harvests energy from the sun with the help of mirrors. Raúl Mendoza Ruiz oversees operations; he examines a mirror that triggered a sensor.

Rio Tinto (03:44)

Tens of thousands of tourists visit every year. The remains of abandoned mining operations dot the landscape. José Francisco Dominguez takes sightseers on tours through the area. Space scientists test mission equipment and astrobiologists study the waters. (Credits)

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This spectacular aerial journey reveals Spain, as we’ve never seen it before. Flying cameras soar over the Sagrada Familia as architects work around the clock to finish the building. Daredevil barnacle hunters rappel down jagged cliffs to hunt for one of the world’s most exclusive shellfish and we glide over one of the world’s greatest abandoned buildings nestled deep in Spain’s mountains. 

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