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Music (09:03)


Jack Black goes on "Brain Games" to show how music affects the brain. The speech-to-song illusion happens with repeated phrases. Black plays a game to demonstrate the tritone paradox.

Influences (05:23)

Mentalist Lior Suchard tries to influence Black's music during a jam session. He guesses what Black seemingly named the song at random.

Chocolate and Music (04:12)

A theory claims that music can affect the taste of chocolate. Neuroscientist Cara Santa Maria tests the theory on a chocolatier and regular people in Los Angeles. Higher pitched music makes chocolate taste sweeter.

Musical Expectancy (02:45)

Black and Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass demonstrate the concept of musical expectancy. Music constantly sets up, meets, and does not meet expectations; this affects emotions.

Musical Memories (07:13)

Suchard tries to create musical memories for the audience. They select glasses filled with water that match the melody of a song Black was thinking of.

Importance of Music and Dance (02:04)

Studies show that the music people listen to as teenagers has a lasting effect. Experts have linked dancing to survival and religious practices.

Black's Gauntlet (06:00)

Black performs the mental obstacle course that tests balance, perception, focus, and mental processing.

Music Identification (06:52)

It is more difficult to identify audio played backwards than it is video. Megan Trainor demonstrates with her song "All About That Bass." Black and Trainor improvise a song together.

Credits: Episode 5: Jack Black: Music. (Brain Games, Season 8) (00:17)

Credits: Episode 5: Jack Black: Music. (Brain Games, Season 8)

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Episode 5: Jack Black: Music. (Brain Games, Season 8)

Part of the Series : Brain Games (Season 8)
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Jack Black and his Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass join Keegan-Michael Key to learn how music affects the brain. Games and demonstrations include a round of musical mad libs, “Odd-itory” illusions and experiments that show how music can affect our perception of images, emotions and even taste. Master mentalist Lior Suchard asks Black to think of any song in the world and tries to guess it correctly.

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