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November 28, 2017 (05:54)


North Korea tests an intercontinental ballistic missile. The secretive and brutal totalitarian police state has been vexing other countries for over 70 years. Propaganda is a vital part of communication. David Guttenfelder recalls covering family reunions between North and South Koreans.

Occupation and Liberation (06:17)

Japan occupies the Korean peninsula until expelled after WWII. Allied leaders divide the peninsula at the 38th parallel; factions fight for control of various elements. Kim Il Sung rises to power in North Korea. In 1950, he attacks the South to reunify the peninsula; the U.S. responds.

Totalitarian State and Beneficent Supreme Leader (04:51)

Through mass purges and an ideology of isolation and self-reliance, Kim Il Sung consolidates his power and legitimacy. Propaganda demonizes America; most North Koreans believe only the Kims can protect them. Kim Jong Il rises to power and uses Juche as a tool for control.

Nuclear Weapons and Police State (03:42)

Kim Jong Il continues building the military and nuclear program; the regime is intent on achieving a balance of power with the U.S. David Guttenfelder discusses photographing inside North Korea. The government tightly controls the people; it sends citizens to gulags.

Gulags and Defectors (07:00)

Camps like Number 22 are scattered throughout North Korea. A defector recalls his time as a prison guard and camp conditions. Most who want to leave the country travel through China; few have successfully crossed the DMZ. Repatriation is a threat for refugees who stay in China.

Nuclear Threat (04:52)

Kim Jong Un rises to power in 2011; his brutality becomes obvious. He begins consolidating power and demonstrating legitimacy through weapons testing. Muammar Gaddafi's downfall leaves a lasting impression.

Charm Offensive and Cyber Crime (06:50)

North Korea invites American journalists on discreet visits. Carol Giacomo cites reasons North Korea is unwilling to engage in talks with the U.S. Ken Gause states that diplomacy is the way forward. The Kim regime skirts U.N. sanctions. North Korea hacks into Sony Pictures in 2014.

Capturing Life Inside North Korea (04:34)

In 2011, the Associated Press opens an office in North Korea; David Guttenfelder is the official photographer. Dai Sill Kim-Gibson returns to North Korea to make a film. North Korea is a country of contradictions. (Credits)

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A deep look inside the current regime of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under Kim Jong-un, featuring stories from defectors, celebrities, photographers and journalists who have visited in recent years.

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