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Introduction: Saving Notre Dame (03:22)


The cathedral catches fire on April 15, 2019 and firefighters battle the blaze for nine hours. A team of men and women will work to keep Notre Dame from collapsing.

Stabilizing Notre Dame (08:36)

Notre Dame was under restoration when the fire struck. Philippe Villeneuve and Remi Fromont guide the work to prevent the building from collapse; securing the gables is the most urgent need. Workers remove the statues before installing wooden braces; the scaffolding remains a danger.

Building Dangers and Ingenuity (05:32)

Guerin Chatenet and his team install a safety net. Workers follow strict protocol to reduce lead exposure. A team installs sensors on the scaffolding. Gravitational forces working in concert is an integral aspect of Notre Dame's design. A team will clear debris from one of the vaults.

Vaulted Ceilings (08:53)

Workers clear debris from Notre Dame's north rose window vault and use robotic vehicles to collect debris from the floor. Archaeologists catalog materials and learn more about the building’s history. Police search for clues and workers inspect limestone. Severe weather moves the scaffolding.

Notre Dame Renovations (05:57)

Thousands of workers have built and transformed the cathedral since 1163; the spire was erected in 1859. Teams work to remove loose stones around the arches and archaeologists look for clues.

Notre Dame Devotion (05:14)

The fire occurs during Holy Week. Workers remain committed to restoring the cathedral; its design represents the story of Christianity. Teams work to reinforce the flying buttresses.

Preventing Collapse (06:35)

Workers install wooden braces for Notre Dame's flying buttresses. Teams begin the task of dismantling the scaffolding; they insert metal beams to prevent it from caving inward. Working on the building is an emotional endeavor. (Credits)

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Saving Notre Dame documents the immediate aftermath of the devastating fire and the first-year efforts to save the cathedral from collapsing. Embedded with architects, archaeologists, engineers and all the special crafts needed to rebuild (carpenters, builders), this series captures unique human stories and bears witness to the progress and difficulties of this challenging mission.

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