Segments in this Video

Paradise, CA (08:29)


Fire fighters battle a blaze in Feather River Canyon and locals call emergency services. The fire intensifies and officials order a mandatory evacuation. Flames surround Paradise, trapping people on the Skyway; fire consumes the town.

Fire Aftermath (09:06)

Fire has destroyed most of Paradise and taken several lives; first responders search through the rubble. Former Mayor Woody Culleton reflects on his life in Paradise. Officer Matt Gates drives through the town and reflects on the fire. Paradise residents seek shelter and provisions in Chico.

1 Month After the Fire (04:05)

Residents return to what remains of their homes and look through the rubble; they reflect on the fire. Michelle John and others examine the remains of a school.

100,000 Acres Lost (05:06)

Firefighters reflect on weather conditions and increasing fire magnitudes. On November 8, 2018, PG&E announces they will be shutting off the power, but they do not; a transmission line emits sparks. Paradise residents reflect on loss and trying to recover their lives.

Paradise Community (11:02)

At a state assembly meeting, James Gallaghern addresses the housing issue. Residents reflect on the Paradise lifestyle. The school district uses various locations to provide classrooms; many parents place their children in other districts.

3 Months After the Fire (09:47)

FEMA orders debris removal before owners can occupy their property. Residents meet with council members about rebuilding. Gates reflects on changes. PG&E files for bankruptcy and residents demand accountability. Locals remember the 85 lives lost.

Land Management (04:14)

Officials consider reforestation. Pyrogeographer Zeke Lunder discusses changes in the forest structure and fire behavior. Zach Boston visits the flumes and reflects on graduation.

PG&E at Fault (09:07)

Aaron Johnson apologizes to the Paradise community and outlines plans for future energy. Residents reflect on the fire devastation and the impact it has had on their mental health. Benzene has contaminated the water supply.

6 Months After the Fire (12:49)

A young family returns to Paradise. Residents celebrate Gold Nugget Days. Town officials issue the first building permits since the fire and approve high school graduation on Om Wraith Field. Phil John suffers a fatal heart attack three days later.

9 Months After the Fire (07:22)

Lunder and Danny Davis conduct a prescribed burn. Culleton and others work on his new home; Krystle Young and her children live in FEMA housing. Students return to school. Michelle announces her retirement. Gates and his wife divorce.

1 Year After the Fire (05:33)

PG&E reaches a settlement agreement with wildfire victims. Culleton reveals his new home. Brandon Burke plans to rebuild on his property. Residents commemorate the first anniversary of the fire. Students raise money for Alabama tornado victims.

Credits: Rebuilding Paradise (03:41)

Credits: Rebuilding Paradise

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On the morning of Nov. 8, 2018, a devastating firestorm engulfed the city of Paradise, California. This documentary, from Academy Award®-winning director Ron Howard and Academy Award®-winning producer Brian Grazer, is a moving story of resilience in the face of tragedy, as a community ravaged by disaster comes together to recover what was lost and begin the important task of rebuilding.

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