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Introduction: Rebuilding Notre Dame (01:55)


This segment orients viewers to the rebuilding of the gothic cathedral. Workers rush to complete the job before the grand reopening in 2024.

Notre Dame de Paris (04:07)

In April 2019, a fire erupts underneath the cathedral’s roof. In the immediate aftermath, the vaulting is a major concern. Engineers install supports beneath the flying buttresses. Workers remove the scaffolding and install a temporary roof. The cathedral remains closed to the public.

Notre Dame Restoration Aspects (05:29)

The team must remove toxic lead dust, clean and restore stained-glass windows, and reconstruct the roof to its original specs. They build interior scaffolding and install timber support arches beneath the vaulting. Completing restorations by 2024 is the goal.

Notre Dame's Roof (06:55)

Fire destroys the cathedral's oak and lead roof. Remi Fromont oversees reconstruction of "the forest." Rebuilding the framework and spire requires 2,000 oak trees; building with green timber can be risky. Workers scour the forest for the best trees.

Notre Dame's Metals (07:25)

Workers will wrap the new spire's oak framework in lead. The team removes the pinnacle that lodged in the vaulting stone and finds decorative lead roses. Iron allows engineers to push the limits of Gothic stonework; Maxime L’heritier examines iron staples in the lab.

Notre Dame's Stained Glass Windows (07:44)

The cathedral's rose windows date from the 13th century and consist of over 1,100 panels. Experts map the south rose window that measures nearly 42 feet in diameter. Verrerie de Saint-Just uses medieval mouth-blowing techniques and modern technology to produce stained glass.

Notre Dame's Cleaning (04:23)

Blaise Gomis and his team safeguard workers from lead poisoning; protective clothing is essential. Decontamination teams remove lead dust from the cathedral zone by zone; other teams deep clean the stones.

Notre Dame's Masonry (03:31)

As the stones dry from repeated rain soakings, salts crystalize on the underside of the vaulting and break off the outer layers of limestone. Experts use a poultice to extract salt from the stones.

Notre Dame's Spire (03:27)

Fire reduces the cathedral's roof and spire to ashes; workers will rebuild "the forest" within two years. Carpenters cut the timber for the spire's beams.

Notre Dame's South Rose Window (04:40)

Experts discover the window only contains 13th and 19th century glass and a design alteration; Eugène Viollet-le-Duc restored the cathedral after the French Revolution. The team examines Le Duc's plans.

Notre Dame Restorations: Two Years In (02:13)

The cathedral is stable, lead removal continues, and two "test chapels" have been fully restored. Rebuilding the vaulting, roof, and spire are monumental tasks. The fire has allowed experts to obtain a better understanding of the cathedral's engineering.

Credits: Rebuilding Notre Dame (01:12)

Credits: Rebuilding Notre Dame

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