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Biskakone Greg Johnson (05:49)


Johnson is an Ojibwe artist living in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. He has been interested in making Ojibwe crafts his entire life.

Ojibwe Crafts (05:54)

Johnson taught himself Ojibwe craftwork by studying pieces in museums. He now teaches others in the community to keep the culture alive.

North House Folk School (09:54)

Gerald David is a timber-framing instructor in Grand Marais, Minnesota. The school embraces using nature and the cultures that surround it.

Syd Carpenter (06:19)

Carpenter is a ceramics artist living in Philadelphia. She uses her garden as a second studio and connects with gardeners in her family's history. She made a series of ceramic pieces based on African American gardening history.

Carpenter's Narrative (04:42)

Carpenter improvises in her work; she has a narrative when creating but not a strict vision. She teaches her students that it is OK to experiment and fail.

Wharton Esherick Museum (08:37)

The museum is a testament to the blurred lines between art and a home. Esherick believes nothing is too small for artistic input.

Outlaw Builders (06:35)

Sim Van der Ryn and Jim Campe were UC Berkeley architecture professors, who emphasized creativity and sustainability. Their students built homes on "The Land" in Inverness, California without obtaining permits. The practice created many prototypes for sustainable building.

Contemporary Crafts (06:41)

Helen Drutt English is a curatorial consultant and educator in Philadelphia. She utilizes functional artwork in her home and teaches about contemporary crafts.

Credits: "Episode 2: Home (Craft in America, Season 14)" (00:30)

Credits: "Episode 2: Home (Craft in America, Season 14)"

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Episode 2: Home (Craft in America, Season 14)

Part of the Series : Craft in America (Season 14)
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The idea of home has taken on heightened importance in recent years. Craft in America embraces its many meanings--from the physical structure, to the belongings we cherish, to the meals we share with family and friends. This exploration of handmade environments features the Ojibwe tribe, the North House Folk School, artists Wharton Esherick and Helen Drutt English, Outlaw Builders and more.

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