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Introduction: Will Artificial Intelligence Do More Harm Than Good (02:51)


Moderator John Donvan outlines the debate topic and introduces panelists. Economist Daron Acemoglu and Brookings Institute Vice President and Director of Governance Studies Darrell West state their positions.

AI Influence and Direction (05:10)

New technologies arrive in the middle of existing conflicts and power imbalances. How will AI influence these relationships? AI is about advertising, surveillance, and automation. West acknowledges that new technologies create problems but humans can control technology through policy, laws, and regulation.

AI: An Engine for Inequality (04:28)

Donvan summarizes panelist statements. Acemoglu states that adjustments often require major political change with no guaranteed success. West counters that backlash against technology results in new laws and regulations.

Adjusting to New Technologies (05:30)

Acemoglu is not as positive as West about how adjustments occur; he cites examples of negative impacts. West argues that technology can relieve people of mundane and dangerous jobs and provide economic advantages.

AI and Inequality (08:39)

West states that AI is currently an engine for inequality, but inegalitarian tax policies and social welfare policies are bigger engines. Acemoglu counters that automation is a major source of stagnant wage growth and inequality. He discusses automation versus augmentation.

AI Engine (04:51)

Donvan reads Anthropic's answer to whether AI will do more harm than good. We have the means to expand capabilities but there is significant hype about some technologies. West discusses AI's advantage over the human brain. Data control is a problem.

Future of AI (04:54)

Acemoglu considers where we will be in 20 years if we stay on the current trajectory; systemic change is unlikely, and some technology promises are exaggerated. West agrees that there has been a lot of hype. He discusses self-driving cars.

AI and Democracy (09:55)

Donvan recalls a past episode involving Project Debater. Acemoglu believes AI's most pernicious effects on democracy directly links to the business models of tech companies; he cites social media. West cites democratic threats and cautions against tech-determinism.

AI Domination (03:29)

West does not worry about cyborgs or AI enslaving humanity; most AI is single purpose. Acemoglu concurs and states that talk of superintelligence is misleading.

Intelligence Squared (01:41)

Donvan thanks listeners, encourages continued funding of the program, and cites the names of key individuals. IQ2 works to combat extreme polarization through civil discourse.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has made great advances in recent years and become more a part of our everyday lives. Many argue that AI will help solve major problems like climate change and world hunger. It will also help improve the economy and make it more efficient, they contend, by eliminating dangerous and mundane jobs. But critics warn that AI's current trajectory is a dangerous one, which will likely concentrate power, increase unemployment, surveil consumers and voters, and threaten democracy. These conditions are not based on science fiction, they argue, but are already occurring, given the number of algorithms we engage with on a daily basis. Will artificial intelligence do more harm than good? Audio only.

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