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Carrizo Plain (03:35)


In spring 2019, a record poppy bloom attracted visitors to the area. Not all tourists respect the natural space.

Peak Bloom (05:39)

Jeff Aiello, his son Jett, and David Boomer find an isolated area of Carrizo Plain National Monument on BLM land.

Staying Overnight at Carrizo Plain (02:49)

Aiello and Boomer find a flat place to camp. Visitors must bring provisions as there are no services available at the national monument.

Short Super Bloom Window (03:25)

Aiello, Jett, and Boomer explore the area looking for shots in the early morning light.

Pozo Valley and Paso Robles (07:06)

Pozo Saloon opened in 1858 and is still in business. Joey Arnold and his family own and operate Vintage Cowboy Winery.

Credits: Episode 6: Super Bloom (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1) (01:44)

Credits: Episode 6: Super Bloom (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1)

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Episode 6: Super Bloom (Outside: Beyond the Lens, Season 1)

Part of the Series : Outside: Beyond the Lens (Season 1)
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About every 10 years, California experiences something that truly boggles the mind. Heavy winter rains lead to a springtime phenomena call the “Super Bloom”. Entire mountain ranges and sprawling valley floors erupt in a sea of colors that is almost impossible to believe. Jeff Aiello, his 12-year-old son Jett and David Boomer wander through southern California’s Carrizo Plains National Monument at the height of the bloom to capture the beauty but curios turn down a long dirt road leads to a surprising discovery.

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