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Should We Isolate Russia?: A Debate

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At the time Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, it was supplying the European Union with about 25 percent of its oil, 40 percent of its natural gas, and nearly 50 percent of its coal. Western nations immediately condemned the invasion and sought to punish and isolate Russia. They quickly imposed sweeping sanctions on Russian banks, businesses, and oligarchs and announced they would ban most of the nation's energy exports to Europe by the end of the year. Supporters of these moves argue that Russia must pay a price for its actions, and that failing to do so would only embolden Russian president Vladimir Putin to invade other countries. Opponents of these moves argue that punishing and isolating Russia to this extent is a dangerous gamble, which could undermine Europe's economies, push Russia further toward China, and lay the groundwork for a wider, longer war. Should we isolate Russia?

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