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Why do I Put on Weight?

DVD (Chaptered) Price: $169.95
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3-Year Streaming Price: $169.95



Your skinny best friend seems to eat twice as much as you, but you're still overweight. Why? For decades, experts thought they had the answer: too many calories and not enough exercise. The latest scientific research is turning those assumptions on their head. Differences in our individual biology - our genetics, hormones or psychology - all play a crucial role. Now, five volunteers are going on diets tailored to their bodies and brains. They're just like you - normal people who spend their lives going up and down in weight. Combining rock-solid science with engaging personal stories, this experiment will revolutionise how we think about diet. Think long-term weight loss is impossible? Think again.

Length: 47 minutes

Item#: BVL276582

ISBN: 978-1-63722-913-2

Copyright date: ©2021

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