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Childhood Obesity: Increase in Cases (04:09)


Successive generations are more likely to become obese. Consult Surgeon Shaw Somers discusses the problem while performing a sleeve gastrectomy; his clients are younger. Somers blames the availability of ultra-processed foods.

Identifying Foods (03:55)

Professor of Public Health Chris Millet classifies foods. Ultra-processed foods undergo a series of industrial processes, losing nutrients and vitamins; they often successfully target children.

Childhood Obesity: Family Contributors (03:01)

Dr. Chris van Tulleken visits with parents of a 10-year-old obese boy. They admit to feeding their children pizza and frozen foods because it is easier and less expensive than healthy foods.

Ultra-processed Foods: Lack of Research (06:08)

Tulleken believes childhood obesity is part of a larger problem. Approximately 57% of England’s caloric intake comes from ultra-processed foods, with numbers increasing for children. Tulleken sees Professor Rachel Batterham for control tests before switching diets.

Diet Experiment (05:11)

Tulleken begins consuming ultra-processed foods, tracking how his weight and other health factors are impacted; he suffers from constipation by the tenth day. Tulleken researches how companies reach the "bliss point" of ultra-processed foods, and how taste affects calorie intake.

Ultra Processed Foods: Clinical Study (04:16)

Tulleken begins eating healthy appearing ultra-processed foods. He consults Dr. Kevin Hall, who doubts consuming these foods causes weight gain. A study finds that those eating ultra-processed foods consume 500 additional calories daily.

Ultra Processed Foods: Impacts Abroad (10:44)

Tulleken visits rural Brazil where Nestle’s floating supermarket introduced processed foods by 2002. Childhood obesity has increased by 150% and the government now advises citizens to give up ultra-processed diets.

Diet Experiment Results (06:57)

Tulleken feels poorly by the end of his diet experiment. Repeating tests with Dr. Batterham, he discovers he has gained weight and his brain has wired reward centers with areas driving automatic behavior. He concludes that children could be more impacted by eating ultra-processed foods.

Childhood Obesity and Ultra-processed Foods (04:32)

Tulleken shares his diet experiment results with the Food and Drink Federation’s Tim Rycroft. The food industry accepts some responsibility for the childhood obesity epidemic but is reluctant to change. Governments should advise citizens to stop eating convenience foods.

Credits: What are We Feeding our Kids? (00:30)

Credits: What are We Feeding our Kids?

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Is ultra-processed food causing obesity in children, and could it even be addictive? Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates as he undergoes a gruelling self-experiment that even shocks the scientists.

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