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Disappearing Kale Island (04:01)


Solomon Islands is heavily forested. Houses are falling into the ocean as sea levels rise. Islands in the Pacific are dealing with the effects of global warming even though they barely contribute to global carbon emissions.

Five Islands Underwater (04:55)

Trees form the foundations of islands. Rising sea levels are killing trees, making the islands more vulnerable to environmental events.

Heron Island, Australia (07:33)

Green turtles lay eggs on the beach. As global temperatures rise, sand gets warmer, which is changing the sex of the sea turtles. A team from the University of Queensland is trying to increase the number of males.

Sheep Farm in Queensland (06:08)

Australia is the biggest exporter of coal in the world. What was once grassy and covered in trees, now looks like a rocky desert after years of drought. The suicide rate for male farmers is twice as high as other men.

Australian Mega Blaze (07:38)

Drought makes fire seasons more intense. Over 30 people died and thousands of homes burned in 2019-2020.

Carbon Emissions From Food Waste (05:02)

OzHarvest collects food that grocery stores are going to throw out and gives it away. The goal is to produce less food.

Underwater Forest in Tasmania (07:05)

Giant kelp can capture carbon faster than a rainforest. Rising sea temperatures are killing kelp. A team is planting kelp that can survive in warmer waters.

Possible Collapse of Global Civilization (04:56)

Paul Gilding ran Greenpeace and is now an academic with Cambridge University. Burning fossil fuels has to be eliminated by 2030, which will only happen if people put pressure on governments.

Kettle Hill Wind Farm (02:07)

The plan is to have 48 turbines powering 60,000 homes in Tasmania and eventually to send power across Australia.

Credits: The Solomon Islands and Australia—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline (00:38)

Credits: The Solomon Islands and Australia—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline

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The Solomon Islands and Australia—Climate Change: Ade on the Frontline

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The world is changing in ways never seen before. Humanity is up against a global problem that threatens our way of life. In this series, Ade Adepitan travels to places on the frontline of climate change to see how life is being affected right now. But he'll also scour the globe for solutions to climate change - the natural and technological fixes that can help us slow climate change and adapt to the changes already taking place. Ade begins in the stunning Solomon Islands, and then travels down the east coast of Australia - from the Great Barrier Reef to Tasmania. He sees missing islands in the Solomon Islands, learns about the 'feminisation' of green turtles and comes face-to-face with the terror of a bushfire. But he also finds hope in a visit to Tasmania, a region that is already entirely powered by renewable energy.

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