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Baby Surgeons: Episode 1

Item #: 276456

Baby Surgeons: Episode 2

Item #: 276457

Baby Surgeons: Episode 3

Item #: 276458

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Baby Surgeons

The Series Includes : Baby Surgeons: Episode 1 | Baby Surgeons: Episode 2 | Baby Surgeons: Episode 3
DVD (Chaptered) Price: $509.85
3-Year Streaming Price: $509.85



Follow pioneering surgeons as they perform remarkable surgeries on babies, some of whom are still in the womb. Watch as doctors insert shunts into tiny lungs and put hearts no bigger than a walnut on bypass, and meet the families given new hope thanks to these awe-inspiring, cutting-edge surgical interventions.

Length: 150 minutes

Item#: BVL276455

Copyright date: ©2021

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