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Urban vs Rural Communities (03:08)


Andi and CK experience freedom in Black Hills, South Dakota. An expert defines metronormativity; hate crimes do not occur more often in rural places. Not all LGBTQ people want the same things.

Geography and Identity (02:59)

Rethinking geography has been a missed opportunity in LGBTQ activism and scholarship. Stories of progress and change typically have a narrative of escape to more accepting environments.

LGBTQ Perceptions (04:14)

Pride Parade participants share their thoughts on acceptance in rural areas. Several women counter that individuals do not understand the Midwest and reflect on urban perceptions. Clips from various shows reveal stereotyping.

Oppression? (02:44)

Karen thinks that others believe members of the LGBTQ community are oppressed in rural areas. Several individuals share that they have never experienced discrimination.

Rural Community Relationships (07:30)

A clip from "S-Town" highlights "learning to live without." Loren and several women reflect on love, acceptance, and self-expression; LGBTQ people are in 99% of U.S. counties. Rural spaces can be more accommodating than big cities.

Out of the Closet (09:24)

A scene from "Will and Grace" shows Jack's fear of coming out to his mother. Gayle believes the terms out and closeted are too defining. Several women reflect on proclaiming their sexuality and acceptance; they share three words that describe their lives.

"Screw Metronormativity" (03:33)

A music video expresses thoughts on LGBTQ individuals in rural communities.

Credits: In Plain Sight (01:13)

Credits: In Plain Sight

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This documentary interviews LGBTQ women in rural communities, and argues that these places are often much more inclusive than the stereotypes lead one to believe. This is a phenomenon known as metronormativity. Contrary to dominant ideas that position rural places as backwards, conservative, and homophobic, the women in this documentary feel safe, supported, and happy. The film asks how we have come to imagine what life is like for LGBTQ people in rural places, and provides an opportunity to imagine it otherwise.

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