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Middlebrook University: Student Complaint (04:52)


University professors speak with a lawyer regarding a complaint made by Abbey Miller. Her boyfriend in Vermont would prompt her to Skype with him rather than accept party invitations from her socially active roommate, Laurie.

Investigating the Complaint: Party Night (08:14)

The lawyer and professors discuss referring to the student complaint as alleged assault or sexual misconduct. They review how Abbey met Kyle Clark and interview Laurie and other partygoers about Abbey's allegations; they indicate that Abbey could have led on the accused.

Investigating the Complaint: Day After the Party (05:56)

Laurie tells university staff that Miller came home barefoot from the party. She encouraged her to contact law enforcement regarding the sexual assault. Laurie discusses questioning her the next day and receiving detached answers. The panel insinuates that Abbey is at fault for the sexual assault.

Filing the First Report (08:13)

Abbey meets with campus law enforcement, city police, and a special victims unit. She cannot remember much and reluctantly admits to drinking after previously lying. She verifies that she repeatedly asked Clark to stop, but he was otherwise not violent.

Report Aftermath (05:08)

Abbey sleeps through classes. Laurie joins a sorority, moving out of the dorm. Abbey informs her mother about filing reports on sexual assault; the university lawyer suggests she keep the matter private.

Kyle Clark, the Accused (08:40)

Clark tells his girlfriend that Abbey is jealous of their relationship. University staff interview him, and he admits to initiating sex, but claims it was consensual. Clark receives coaching from his lawyer prior to his examination.

Abbey Miller, the Accuser (08:15)

Abbey meets with her mother, discussing her legal actions. University staff question why Abbey did not immediately report the assault. She explains how she disconnected from the event and needed time to remember details. She describes Clark’s aggression and telling him to stop.

Student Complaint Outcome (02:42)

University staff discuss their examination of students; there was little evidence supporting Abbey’s or Clark’s stories. They decide to believe Abbey, but do not expel Clark.

Credits: The University (03:36)

Credits: The University

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Narratives thread together in The University a film following the aftermath of a sexual assault on a college campus. Told through the stories recounted to a Title IX tribunal, The University asks what justice might look like for survivors.

Length: 56 minutes

Item#: BVL274943

ISBN: 978-1-63722-594-3

Copyright date: ©2021

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"What fascinated me about the web series and Roth’s writing is that she explores all the facets of the people involved: the assaulted, the abuser, the teachers, the friends, and the parents. She humanizes their stories in a way that is real and visually stunning," Rebecca Martin of Cinema Femme; "I was particularly moved by the scene where Abbey swims, and lets herself scream and rage underwater. I related so much to that emotion, and also to the feeling that you can’t just let that out in real life, that it should be stifled, and private," Annarose Mudd, star of TAPE

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