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Sept. 11, 2021 (02:38)


There were 105 expectant fathers who died in the 9/11 attacks. Twenty years later, their children experience the day; they have varying thoughts and feelings.

Megan (05:39)

Megan's father, Lee, was a firefighter in New York who died on 9/11. Her musical talent comes from her father. Megan's only anger about her situation is that the government did not do more to stop the attacks.

Ronald (05:39)

Ronald's mother admires her son's dedication and heart. She met Ronald's father in the military, and they both worked at the Pentagon on 9/11. Ronald has never felt the need to learn more than the basic details about what happened.

Dina (05:10)

Dina's mom said she and her siblings hardly asked about their dad or 9/11. Dina learns most of the details from her mom's Ted Talk. Her father was on one of the planes, seated beside one of the terrorists, that hit the World Trade Center.

Claudia (04:24)

While growing up, Claudia talked to her dad's photos; she wonders about the small details of 9/11. Her mother, Ursula wanted to make sure Claudia and her sister had a connection to their father. He for a painting company that was at the World Trade Center.

Fares (03:02)

Fares' father's family lived in New York City, but moved back to Yemen, where Fares grew up. His father was working at the Marriot Hotel in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Fares learned from websites that his father died trying to help others escape the hotel.

Nick (04:02)

Nick's mother Paula says he is exactly like his father. Paula and Sebastian worked for Deutsche Bank in the World Trade Center, but Paula left early on 9/11 with morning sickness. Nick does not ask many questions because he knows it is difficult for his mom.

Luke (04:24)

Luke's dad Kip was in the Army Special Forces and working at the Pentagon on 9/11. Luke is more motivated to stop another attack than angry about what happened.

Innocence (07:12)

Film participants share their earliest memories, many of which involve stepfathers and half siblings. Luke's mother died of cancer in early 2002 and he was adopted by his aunt and uncle.

2006: 5th Anniversary of 9/11 (02:51)

Ronald was featured in numerous news reports about the children of 9/11 widows. Dina and others remember being "the 9/11 family" in their communities. Dina's mother did charity work for Afghani widows, whose husbands died in U.S. bombings.

2008 (06:54)

Participants were too young to realize the importance of President Barack Obama's election. Most were focused on their hobbies, like sports, gaming, and writing. Claudia moved to Florida, where 9/11 was treated differently.

Awakening (02:11)

Film participants share stories of learning about Osama Bin Laden's death in 2011. Many found the celebrations unsettling.

2011: 10th Anniversary of 9/11 (12:49)

Nick was one of the people who read names at the anniversary memorial. Film participants grew up in the era of school shooting drills and mass shootings. As they entered high school, they worked on defining their identity.

2014: A Civil War Begins (02:40)

Fares was in high school in Yemen when war began. His brother went to the United States to try to get a visa for their mother; Fares stayed behind.

2016: 15th Anniversary of 9/11 (06:15)

For Luke, each anniversary is harder because he understands more. Luke, Megan, and Dina feel like everyone is focusing on them. For Fares, the day is just about his father's death. President Donald Trump's Muslim ban reignites the Islamophobia that directly followed 9/11.

Transition (04:03)

Film participants explain the freedom of being able to drive, though Ronald has a fear of being pulled over. Nick is participating in competitive cheerleading when COVID-19 lockdowns begin.

2020 (09:51)

For many film participants, COVID-19 cuts short their senior year, and they have virtual graduations. Fares had built a life for himself in Michigan and feels like COVID stole it. Participants has differing opinions on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Onwards (24:18)

Many participants started college during the pandemic and have different feelings about leaving. They can vote for the first time in 2020. The Jan. 6 attack is their first exposure to the idea of domestic terrorism.

Credits: Generation 9/11 (00:30)

Credits: Generation 9/11

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Generation 9/11 marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks by telling the stories of seven young people whose fathers were killed that day. The film explores how a man they never met and an event they didn’t witness have shaped their world view and the world around them. Their experiences reflect those of an entire generation, whose lives so far have been bracketed by crisis.

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