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Gas Metal and Flux Core Welding (03:03)


A student demonstrates proper dress and toxic fume collection for Gas Metal Arc, also called MIG welding. The basics and differences between Arc welding and Flux Core Arc welding are explained.

Preparing For and Starting an Arc (03:07)

Caution is used when working with tanks and flow meters. Equipment must be inspected before use. Proper insertion of electrode wire and length, tank flow rate, and starting an arc are demonstrated.

Creating High Quality Welds (02:19)

Students demonstrate shutting down an arc and laying a bead. Cold lap and porosity are undesirable. Gas Metal and Flux Core welding are used for high quality and uninterrupted welds.

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Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding and Flux Core Welding

Part of the Series : Introduction to Welding
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There are a lot of similarities between Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) and Flux Core Arc Welding, including the use of direct current to provide constant voltage. Viewers will also learn about the different types of electrodes wires used in each outfit. Wire feeders are demonstrated along with the spools that feed them—containing several hundred feet of electrode wire...allowing welders to make long continuous welds. Students see how to position the electrode and how to establish a good weld pool. As in all of the welding videos, safety practices are clearly demonstrated and explained. (11 min.) A Meridian Production.

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