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The Nursing Assistant: Fall Prevention (2021 edition)

Part of the Series : The Nursing Assistant (2021 edition)
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Falls are among the leading causes of nursing home survey deficiencies, fines, and lawsuits. For a frail, elderly resident, a fall may result in bone fractures such as a broken hip or head injury. Along with physical injuries, falls can have an emotional impact as well, often the resident becomes fearful of falling again. This fear may cause the resident to lose confidence in being able to perform daily activities that he or she was capable of doing before the fall. This program describes the actions a CNA should take to help prevent falls among residents, discussing the use of gait belts. It examines factors that place a resident at risk for falls, describes actions that can be taken to help prevent a resident from falling, and shows how the use of restraints may increase the risk of a resident’s falling.

Length: 17 minutes

Item#: BVL240167

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