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The History of Britain: Episode 4

Part of the Series : The History of Britain
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Tony Robinson takes us back to the Second World War. Beating Nazis wasn’t only down to Churchill and his generals. This was a people’s war, fought by bakers, office workers, delivery drivers and housewives. Tony meets Eastender, Babs Clark, who was just eight when the war began. Like thousands of others, Babs depended on the newly built Bethnal Green tube station as an air raid shelter. It was like an underground town, with a library, doctor and community hall. But tragedy struck during a night raid, and Babs and her family were lucky to get out alive. Tony discovers the story of Manchester office boy, James Palmer who received his call up notice on his 21st birthday in 1939. He had to leave his fiancée and father, to serve in a tank regiment. For many recruits, army life was a brutal shock. But worse was coming as James crossed into France to face the invading German Army. It wasn’t just the boys who joined up. Eileen Heron was a grocer’s daughter and delivery driver from Folkestone. The army needed her driving skills, so she joined the ATS, or women’s infantry. She trained hundreds of women to drive and worked with the ATS’s most famous recruit, Princess Elizabeth. In Guernsey, Tony meets Maisie Lanyon, who was five when the Germans invaded. While she remembers the beautiful songs that the Germans sang, things soon turned sour. Her father Hubert decided to make a stand against the regime, a decision that would cost his family dear… And finally, proof that there could be a silver lining in war. Once the USA joined the fight, Britain was swarming with over a million GIs. Tony meets Joy Beebe, whose tough life, working in wartime London was transformed when she met and married an American soldier.

Length: 45 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-63722-379-6

Copyright date: ©2019

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