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Iliad: Scamander (06:20)


After being released by the river, Achilles continues fighting. Ares attacks Athena. Poseidon stops her from fighting Aphrodite.

Iliad: Hector (05:54)

Achilles decimates the Trojans. Priam orders the gates be opened. His son remains outside waiting to fight Achilles who vows to destroy him.

Iliad: Athena Intervenes (04:35)

Hector is left unarmed after his spear hits Achilles' shield. The sobs of Trojans fill the city when Priam's son dies.

Iliad: Two Dead (03:09)

Agamemnon and the Greek kings surround the funeral bed of Patroclus. Achilles has thrown Hector to the dogs. Zeus orders Thetis to make her son send his opponent's body to his family.

Iliad: Grief (04:48)

Priam enters Achilles' tent to retrieve Hector's body. Peleus' son orders his captives to prepare his opponent's corpse and commits to a 12 day truce.

Credits: Iliad: Episode 9 - Vanquish or Die (00:30)

Credits: Iliad: Episode 9 - Vanquish or Die

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Iliad: Episode 9 - Vanquish or Die

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths - Iliad
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The River Scamander and its banks are set alight by fireballs sent by the god Hephaestus. The river god consents to spare Achilles, who immediately goes back on the rampage. The gods are shocked by his inhuman rage. Now they too are exchanging insults and fighting..

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