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"Iliad": Daughter of Apollo's High Priest (07:17)


The Trojan War has been waging for ten years. A disease is killing thousands of Grecian warriors. Calchas blames the abduction of Chryseis who was given to Agamemnon.

"Iliad": Paris' Hold on Helen (02:43)

Hector blames Helen for the war. She knows it would end if she returned to Menelaus, but he would kill her himself.

"Iliad": Myrmidons Withdraw From Battle (05:15)

Agamemnon agrees to return the daughter of Apollo's high priest to stop the wrath of Apollo and the disease killing Greek soldiers. He demands Briseis as compensation. Athena stops Achilles from killing the king of kings.

"Iliad": Story of Thetis and Peleus (05:51)

Patroclus escorts Briseis out of Achilles' tent. He has forbidden the Myrmidons from participating in battle. He appeals to his mother who visits Zeus.

"Iliad": Conflict Between Gods (03:34)

Zeus still loves Thetis who wants her son to retain his honor and Briseis. He devises a plan to support the Trojans in a discreet way.

Credits: Iliad: Episode 3 - The Wrath of Achilles (00:31)

Credits: Iliad: Episode 3 - The Wrath of Achilles

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Iliad: Episode 3 - The Wrath of Achilles

Part of the Series : The Great Greek Myths - Iliad
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Ten years have passed since the Greek forces disembarked on the shores of Troy. But King Priam's city has still not fallen. Inside its walls, the king's eldest son, Hector, reproaches his brother Paris for causing this war with no end…

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