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Introduction: Generation Nation: A PBS American Portrait Story (02:37)


This video is a PBS storytelling program. Americans tell their stories and what it is like to be an American in the current moment through self-shot videos.

Arwyn (02:56)

The 15-year-old sophomore from Austin, Texas, wants to return to in-person learning. They started doing poorly in school for the first time.

Marna (02:06)

The 80-year-old photographer is from California. As she got older, she felt she had more time to focus on what she wanted from life.

Kat (03:11)

The 51-year-old housekeeper and bartender is from Philadelphia. She lost her jobs because of the pandemic and worries about restarting a career at her age.

Uncertain Future (05:13)

Arywn gets ready for another year of online schooling. Marna works to get her photography into a major publication. Kat struggles to pay for the healthcare her son needs.

Generational Struggles (04:07)

Marna struggles to learn how to use the internet. Arywn attempts to navigate friendships without going to school. Kat worries about being unemployed at 51.

Coping with the Present (04:51)

Arywn is anxious about their first day of school, but grateful for the interaction. Kat attends a protest to stand up for her rights. After rejections from three editors, a local art museum accepts Marna's work.

Credits: Generation Nation: A PBS American Portrait Story (00:33)

Credits: Generation Nation: A PBS American Portrait Story

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Generation Nation: A PBS American Portrait Story

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Explore how people in different age groups see themselves and their place in America. Through self-shot video, they share common experiences that bind age groups together and generational differences that put them at odds with one another.

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