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Anish Kapoor (11:39)


Objects are never what they appear; viewers brings their biases into conversations. Color is an immersive quality. Kapoor works with polished concave sculptures. Projects include "Suck," "Descension," "Cloud Gate," "Ark Nova," "My Red Homeland," and "Symphony for a Beloved Sun."

John Akomfrah (15:29)

The mixed-media artist describes wanting to become an art historian and growing up as a person of color in London. Works include "Tropikos," "Auto da Fe," "The Unfinished Conversation," "Vertigo Sea," "Precarity," and more. Lara Garcia Reyne and Akomfrah edit a project starring Dread Scott.

Phyllida Barlow (13:15)

The Royal Academy of Arts hosts a retrospective of Barlow's career, in which she incorporates industrial objects. Colors provide information in the urban environment. Barlow discusses her influences; her works include "Quarry."

Christian Marclay (12:58)

The objectification of sound is fascinating; music is a collaborative effort. The performance artist discusses his influences, bachelors, "Even," and frustrations. Works include "Ghost (I don't live here today)," "Record Players," "Investigations," "Manga Scroll," and the Snapchat Projects.

Credits: London (00:50)

Credits: London

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Episode 1: London (Art 21: Art in the Twenty-First Century, Season 10)

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Buoyed by London's history of artistic excellence, four artists draw inspiration from decades of British art while contending with the repercussions of colonialism and xenophobia during a time of massive political upheaval in the country. Featuring artists John Akomfrah, Phyllida Barlow, Anish Kapoor and Christian Marclay.

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