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Introduction: The Calling (03:02)


This video will examine how those who want to minister a religious direction found their calling. Rob Pene raps and preaches to convicts in Pueblo, Colorado.

Evangelical Christian Seminarian (05:16)

Ted Gebauer describes his cousin finding religion while playing for USA Baseball. The St. Andrews Choir Summer Tour travels to Watts to perform and host a barbeque. Pene compares ministering in South Central to Matthew entering Galilei.

Muslim Seminarian (06:03)

Girls compete at the MCC IYP Girls Got Game tournament. Tahera Ahmad and her family commemorate Eid al-Adha at the local mosque. Ahmad participates in the Islamic Chaplaincy graduate program at Harford Seminary.

Catholic Seminarian (09:21)

Steven Gamez will become an ordained priest after seven years at the Assumption Seminary in San Antonio, Texas. The Archbishop presides over a ceremony advancing students to deacons. Gamez's mother hosts a celebration for the family; Gamez works as a chaplain at the children's hospital.

Jewish Seminarian (05:36)

Every morning, Shmuly Yanklowitz thanks God for restoring his soul. At Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, Yanklowitz studies to become a rabbi; he wants to be active in the community. Yanklowitz reflects on the most difficult aspect of rabbinical school.

Eternal Afterlife (05:37)

Ahmad gives a presentation on whether a Muslim scholar can conclude there is no sex in Heaven and debates the meaning of passages in the Quran. As a Muslim chaplain, she attempts to create an Islamic Awareness Week. Dr. Ingrid Mattson counsels Ahmad.

Samoan Culture (07:45)

Pene and his wife Tarang return to American Samoa after his father's death; he reflects on his father as chief. Pene struggles with leaving his mother alone and debates returning to seminary.

San Juan de Los Lagos' Internship (03:45)

Gamez delivers a mock sermon for his classmates to critique. Good priests are those that no one hears about.

Social Justice Movement (04:37)

Yanklowitz teams up with a friend to encourage the Jewish community to become activists. Uri L'Tzedek boycotts a kosher meatpacking plant that hires illegal immigrants and denies wages. The organization launches a kosher "ethical seal."

Tajwid (06:56)

Arabic is the key to the treasures of Muslim classical tradition. Ahmad travels to Egypt to improve the art of recitation. Women are expected to marry by the age of 25.

Chiefdom vs. Ministry (05:37)

Pene has become the tribal chief in America Samoa. His cousins and mother will represent him until he completes his mission. George Baum offers to recommend Pene for a youth ministry position.

Celibate Lifestyle (03:34)

Gamez knows what it means to be in love and misses the intimacy. The priest is ordained at San Fernando Cathedral; the family celebrates. God is wisdom, mercy, and compassion.

Birthday Celebration (04:21)

Kaiser Bashir Minhas and Ahmad decide to marry after knowing each other six months. Wearing the hijab is mandatory, but the veil is not. A leader in the community needs compassion and an open mind.

Teaching Evolution (02:33)

Pene receives his master's degree. He decides to step away from ministry and now teaches at a charter high school. In his 9th grade science class, he explores Creationism.

Family Counseling (03:42)

Gamez asks a parishioner if he attacked his sisters. After speaking to the son alone, he brings the family in to talk together. Father Tony advises contacting victim assistance about the abuse.

Serving God (03:35)

Yanklowitz speaks about Kashrut ethics at Yeshiva University. Uri L'Tzedek launches an ethical seal for restaurants to demonstrate the establishment treats workers fairly. Gamez delivers last rights to a parishioner.

Credits: The Calling (01:38)

Credits: The Calling

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Offering surprising stories that offer a fresh look at how faith is lived in a modern, largely secular world, this program by producer Danny Alpert follows Muslim, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, and Jewish seminarians from their first days of training through years of study and into their early practice as ordained religious professionals. It takes viewers into the unknown world of seminaries to reveal the real people "behind the robes." Viewer watch as these individuals embark on life paths that demand tremendous personal sacrifice and commitment to begin a life in which they will be called upon to uphold timeless truths in an era that values quick fixes and hot trends and to face a public that challenges the very relevance of their mission. It shows how they also will confront peer and family pressure, as well as internal spiritual conflicts.

Length: 85 minutes

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