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Beginnings Matter (03:33)


In the modern age, parents raise their children alone instead of relying on extended family. Early childhood education is essential for brain and personality development. (Credits)

How We Learn (02:02)

Rachel Giannini is the lead teacher at Highland Park Community Nursery School and Daycare Center. Playing helps children learn.

Developing the Brain (03:36)

Babies begin learning at birth. New technologies help scientists study children in new ways. A magnetoencephalography machine demonstrates the firing of a child's neurons during interactions.

Inflection Point (03:01)

Frequently used neural pathways grow while others are eradicated, depending on experiences. Brains grow faster during the first five years of life. Social interaction is required for healthy development.

Role of Women (04:44)

Family structures have changed in the past 30-40 years. Wages are stagnant, more women are working, and hours can be unpredictable. Larry and Wahnika Johnson need to work and place their daughter in daycare.

No Support System (02:54)

Eleven million children under the age of five spend half of their waking life in the care of adults who are not their parents. Women describe challenges with finding adequate care and relying on family support.

Opportunity Gap (10:41)

Children do not start out with the same opportunities. Shannon and Donnie Poff discuss medical bills making preschool financially impossible. Higher income families can place their children in high quality early learning facilities; Shay Gattis participates in the Abecedarian Project.

Learning Executive Function (08:07)

Today, young adults need more skills to find employment and demonstrate social judgment. Students play "Solve that Problem" to learn conflict resolution. Components include impulse control, patience, listening, and the regulation of emotions.

Toxic Stress (12:04)

AVANCE allows mothers to bring their children to a free parenting program. Impacts of early childhood adversity occur in health, behavior, and life outcomes; home environments need to transform. Under stress, the brain sends signals to release adrenaline and cortisol.

Investing in Quality (12:48)

Nationwide, 71% of adults between 18-24 cannot serve in the military. The government subsidizes early childcare for 75,000 children of military families. In high quality education, teachers encourage students to explore and play; childcare providers are among the lowest paid workers.

Cumulative Development (06:43)

Damian Poff receives a free spot in a full-day Head Start program. Giannini leaves Highland Park Community and Day Care Center to attend graduate school. Early leaning can help optimize the way people grow.

Credits: No Small Matter (03:13)

Credits: No Small Matter

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Despite business interests, scholars, and politicians on both sides of the aisle lining up to support the early childhood education cause, millions of American children are still not getting the care they need to succeed — or even to keep up. And while it’s the poorest children who are most vulnerable, middle class families are increasingly feeling the squeeze, as the cost of quality child care soars. So why, when the importance of quality early care and education is so widely accepted, do we continue to fail so many? This program brings public attention to this vital question by sharing powerful stories and stunning truths about the human capacity for early intelligence and the potential for quality early care and education to benefit America’s social and economic future.

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