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Introduction: Mother Courage (03:02)


In this video, Sally Sara speaks with female survivors of the Rwandan genocide. Prisoners of Nyarugenge watch and participate in a soccer match. Israel Dusingi Zimana is ashamed he participated in the mass slaughter of the Tutsis. (Credits)

Rebuilding Lives (06:35)

Rose Mutesayire recalls the 100 days where Hutu tribesmen killed Tutsis. Genocides target women to humiliate and exterminate ethnic groups. Joselyne Mutesayire shares a troubled relationship with her mother; she did not celebrate her birthday as a child.

Repairing Relationships (02:45)

Rose and Joselyne attend a memorial in Murambi where 50,000 men, women, and children were slaughtered at a technical school. Classrooms contain the remains of victims. Rose will always remember and respect family members who died during the Rwandan genocide.

Accepting the Past (06:47)

Eugenie Muhayimana discusses giving birth to a son and daughter while held as a sex slave in the Congo. Claudine and Claude Muhayimana discuss finding out their mother's history.

Younger Generations (05:30)

People are now motivated to succeed. Joselyne Umutoniwase owns a fashion label that employs over 40 people. Rwanda has the highest proportion of female MP's in the world. The average citizen earns $3 a day.

Leaving Prison (04:57)

Zimana has trust in God and does not worry about families seeking revenge. Joselyne Mutesayire and her friends rebuild their community near Kibilizi. Claudine admires her mother's courage.

Credits: Mother Courage (00:16)

Credits: Mother Courage

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Mother Courage

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The inspirational women of Rwanda who have turned pain into hope. They lived through one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century but the power of love and family saved them.

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