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Matchmaking Software (08:17)


The Space Shuttle Program created a reusable rocket that can be refurbished, lowering the cost of missions. NASA built the Reaction Control System to automatically adjust during flight. implemented the same algorithm but applied it to Internet dating.

Shock Absorber (06:59)

Russians put the first rocket, animal, and person into space. Taylor Devices developed dampers to redirect thrust force generated from rockets. Shock absorbers were installed on many products; London Millennium Bridge lacked dampers.

Food Preservation (04:55)

NASA developed technology to convert urine into drinking water. Scientists produced an ethylene scrubber that allows plants to stay fresh for a longer period of time. Commercialized applications included grocery stores and hospitals.

Firefighting Applications (11:18)

Astronauts perished after a fire erupted in the capsule during the Apollo 1 mission. Firefighters wore polybenzimidazole for protection. NASA helped develop a better designed Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Crime-fighting Applications (04:24)

Dr. David Hathaway and Paul Meyer at the Marshall Spaceflight Center developed the Video Image Stabilization and Registration to improve blurry images from space. The Federal Bureau of Investigation adopted the technology after the 1996 Olympic bombings in Atlanta.

Mission to Mars (10:28)

NASA scientists brainstorm ways to obtain enough energy to reach Mars. Solar power is cost-effective and provides energy to the spacecraft. Researchers develop solar electric propulsion technology at the Glenn Research Center.

Credits: The Fires of Science (00:29)

Credits: The Fires of Science

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Think NASA’s only for the stars? Think again. The space race has played a colossal part in our daily lives. From online dating to the freshness of the food we consume. From protecting our firefighters to the very structures we walk on. The next time you step on a bridge you can thank Apollo for its safety. NASA is even shaping the future of our energy consumption destiny. The quest for the stars has created tech so woven into our everyday existence, without this incredible force the world would simply be unimaginable.

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