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Learning From Older Cultures (15:41)


The speaker explains that he does not like to eat bread, but that he can now eat it because he has learned from his son. He also explains that it is important to learn from each other in order to understand each other's cultures and backgrounds. Finally, he says that he is getting old and that his sons are strong like the strongman.

Community and Responsibility (22:19)

This person is saying that their homeland is their country. They are proud to be Aboriginal and say that no one will take their land. They also talk about how Aboriginal people should do things for themselves and how the time is right for them to take over authority and responsibility.

Aboriginal Housing (09:23)

This is a portable house that the speaker and their family are living in.

Dealing with Bad Roads and Alcohol (02:26)

The speaker was hospitalized for two weeks after being poisoned by cigarettes and alcohol. He saw Jesus on the big screen in the hospital, and he prayed for God to bring him back to life. He was revived.

Traveling Back to Tradition (11:50)

He talks about how, in his time, everyone used to work, and how God is number one. The speaker describes how, in the past, everyone had a job that involved manual labor, such as carpentry, and how this is no longer the case. He laments the fact that many people now rely on government assistance to find work.

Yolngu Culture (12:14)

I think I knew I was Aboriginal from a young age because I dream in language, which is spoken throughout my community in Ramingining. I've been through all sacred ceremonies, and I love my land.

Credits (09:44)


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This film is an evocative and experimentally cinematic documentation of the swiftly changing lives of the Yolngu people of Ramingining in Australia's Northern Territory.

Length: 89 minutes

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