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David Gulpilil and Ramingining (10:48)


The town of Ramingining is in a remote location in Australia and was built because the government thought it was the best place for the people living there. However, the town does not work well for either the white or Black people living there.

Indigenous Land Ownership (05:32)

The speaker is talking about how his people used to live before white men came and changed things. They lived freely on their land, but the cattlemen and missionaries changed that.

Blackfellas and the Government (07:01)

The government forced the people of Ramingining to have self determination, and now they all live together and don't know their own culture anymore.

The Government "Saves" the Aboriginals (03:54)

The intervention was a government program that aimed to help Aboriginal people in remote communities. However, many people feel that it has only made things worse.

The Yolngu Way Overwritten by White Culture (06:59)

The store is supplied by the barge, which is supposed to come every week, but if it's late, the store runs out of food and other things too. This is a problem for us because we also get our electricity cards from the store.

Dealing with Different Cultures (05:00)

Different parts of culture clash with each other, creating tension.

Money Causes Problems for Aboriginal People (07:10)

In our culture, the obligation to share everything is very strong. This was important for survival in the old days when we lived in small groups and only had food from the bush. Nowadays, we have most things from our culture, money, houses, and motorcars, but the obligation to share everything is still very strong.

The Cross of Jesus (09:13)

Dawo had a heart attack and found God in the hospital. Now he's organizing the Easter parade and people are getting in their way. In the name of Jesus, sins are forgiven.

We Cry to Our Jesus (01:31)

Aboriginal people in Australia are marginalized and have a different perspective on Christianity than white people.

Jesus is Black (04:19)

Christianity looks different from the white man's religion. The people consider Jesus to be one of them.

Young Men Become Criminals (07:54)

The Australian government's intervention in the Northern Territory has done more harm than good, criminalizing innocent people and exacerbating the problems it was meant to solve.

The Future of Aboriginal Culture (04:31)

The culture is changing, and we need help to go forward. Listen to us.

Credits (01:15)


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The great Australian Aboriginal actor, David Gulpilil, tells the tale of how his people’s way of life was interrupted by ours.

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