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Suspicious Activity (01:24)


Crystal Cis a powerful and dangerous drug that is ravaging the United States. It is especially prevalent in Oklahoma, where law enforcement is struggling to confront its widespread use.

Mexican Cartels (02:15)

Meth is still a huge problem in the United States, and Mexican cartels are now smuggling crystal meth into the country. In more than half of the 50 states, meth-related offenses now account for the highest number of arrests.

House Raid (01:17)

Police raided a house and found 13 people inside, including the homeowner. Ten of those people were detained and one was arrested. Police found a small amount of marijuana and methamphetamine residue. The homeowner denied using methamphetamine and said that only half of the people in the house were using it.

Cheap And Easy to Get (03:12)

In Oklahoma, meth is cheap and easy to get, and the drug is having a devastating effect on the state. Users are turning to cattle theft to fund their habit.

Cattle Business (02:00)

Four cows were stolen from a ranch but they were found two weeks later.

Theft of Cattle (01:02)

Jerry and his team investigate cases of cattle theft throughout the state. It's easy for thieves to steal cattle by simply feeding them and then leading them into a trailer, as the cattle are not aggressive and will not hurt the thief.

Meth is a Demon (02:42)

Oklahoma is a hotbed for methamphetamines. Meth addicts need money to buy their drugs, so they steal livestock to sell at livestock markets for a profit. Law enforcement pursued leads on two individuals responsible for the livestock thefts.

Meth Addicts (01:47)

Deputies are preparing to raid a meth house, where they believe the dealer who sold meth to cattle thieves is living. The deputies are aware that the dealer is considered armed and dangerous, and they are taking precautions to avoid being injured or killed.

Meth Dealer Arrested (00:58)

The sheriff arrests the man for selling meth, even though no drugs are found.

Big Time Dealer (00:48)

This guy was a big time dealer and if they find a gun in his house he can be looking at 10 years in prison. They've already found evidence of cash and crystal meth hidden in a film canister.

Evidence Revealed (00:49)

The suspect has a backpack with a 380 pistol and a large stash of high-grade marijuana. The sheriff gives him one last chance to be truthful, but the suspect denies any involvement. The sheriff fingerprints the evidence and finds that the suspect is lying.

Personal Connection (01:03)

A small town sheriff's personal connection to the community leads to the arrest of a local drug dealer.

Meth Victim (01:13)

A suspect confessed her involvement. The girl had been strung out on meth for a long time.

Couple Arrested (01:13)

A woman was arrested after being found hiding in a trailer with her drugged-up child. The child's father was also arrested. The property was searched for stolen property and the team found evidence of car theft.

Meth in the Community (01:55)

A woman addicted to meth faces up to 40 years in prison after being involved in a cattle theft.

A Fresh Start (02:06)

A rehab program for women with children offers a chance at a fresh start and a drug free life. Many of the women were arrested for nonviolent drug related charges, such as possession or petty theft, and face prison time.

Lacey's Story (02:07)

Lacey battled an addiction to drugs for more than a decade, starting when she was 13 years old. She smoked weed for the first time at a party and was addicted immediately. She continued her drug use throughout her early 20s, but would stop when she had her children.

Lacey's Sobriety (01:11)

Lacey's addiction to meth led her to neglect her children and get arrested multiple times. After finally seeking help she's now clean and working to regain custody of her daughters.

Regaining Custody (03:23)

Lacey is trying to regain custody of her kids, who she lost due to her addiction to meth. She's created a perfectly pink bedroom in her home in order to show that she's ready to take care of them. Her court date is in just a few days.

Narcotics Unit's Next Target (02:05)

Police departments use search warrants to raid the homes of suspected drug dealers in order to find large sums of cash and drugs.

Drug Business (01:42)

This video provides an overview of the dangers of methamphetamine use and how it can impact entire families. Lieutenant Cooper of the Oklahoma City Police Department points out the evidence of drug use and sales in a home, including digital scales, needles, and baggies of cash. He also identifies a small amount of meth residue.

Drug Use in Oklahoma (02:02)

Lacey is a young woman who is trying to break the cycle of addiction and incarceration that has plagued her family for generations. She is currently in court, waiting to find out if she will be granted a chance to get clean and turn her life around.

Reemerge Program (01:18)

Lacey is a mother of two who was recently awarded physical custody of her children. She chose to participate in the ReMerge jail alternative program, which has helped her rebuild herself and her life.

Mom's Addiction (01:37)

An author's mother is a recovering meth addict. The author discusses how her mother's addiction has affected her own life.

Credits (00:00)


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