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Introduction: Screen Addiction (01:35)


Technology has enabled connections like never before, but people feel out of touch. Youth face increasing rates of depression, self-harm, and suicide; some people blame Silicon Valley.

Pittsville, Wisconsin (04:09)

At the age of 15, Morgan committed suicide. Her mother Chris describes Morgan's personality and learning about Morgan's secret online identity. Many teens have multiple accounts, both public and private. Lisa Ling discusses "finstas."

Secret Online Accounts (06:39)

Morgan's friends admit to having social media accounts where they posted sad things. Leah reflects on her friendship with Morgan and their self-harming behaviors; they sought help online. Ling and Chris look at Morgan's posts; Chris believes the darkness online fed the darkness within Morgan.

Silicon Valley (04:39)

The area is at the heart of the digital revolution; people have become more disconnected. Ling participates in a test at Neuroscape. Dr. Adam Gazzaley discusses the effects of technology on the brain.

Technology Addiction (04:27)

Potential college basketball star John Jones discusses playing video games, staying online, and his sleeping habits; he has trouble trusting others. Jones identifies a moment in childhood as the root of his difficulties. He recalls planning suicide.

Tech Industry (03:37)

Insiders and whistleblowers state that the industry is out of control. Tristan Harris reveals that technology addiction is by design. Consumer concern is growing, especially as related to children.

Waldorf School (03:23)

Waldorf does not use technology in the classroom until high school. The education philosophy is gaining in popularity in Silicon Valley. Tech industry parents discuss why they enrolled their children in Waldorf.

Northwest Washington (04:41)

ReSTART is a residential treatment facility that specializes in screen addiction. Jones is part of a two-month digital detox program; he discusses his experiences. Ling joins attendees on a walk through the woods.

Family Weekend (03:30)

After seven weeks of rehab, Jones' parents arrive for a visit. They discuss realizing Jones was addicted to technology and online consumption.

reSTART Graduation (05:16)

Jones gives a presentation on how he will live life outside of the facility and shares a letter he wrote to his family. His parents remark on his life balance plan. Jones moves to phase II of the program. (Credits)

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Screen Addiction

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Lisa Ling goes in depth into the role technology plays in the mental health crisis.

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