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Coping with Anxiety by Being a Furry (03:29)


Lindsay has social anxiety and finds it difficult to go to the grocery store, but she loves dogs and became a veterinary technician. Dogs saved her from being extremely shy and having trouble making friends as a child.

Getting a Soul Mate (01:24)

Lindsay's anxiety was manageable when she had a dog to help her cope. Her husband also has anxiety, and they both love spaniels. If Josh was not into dogs, that would have been a deal breaker.

Furry Phenomenons (02:18)

Furries are people who enjoy dressing up as animals and interacting with others who share their interest. They are often ridiculed by the mainstream media, but they are a welcoming and happy community.

Furry Fandom Meets (03:23)

A furry convention is a place where people who enjoy dressing up as animals can come together and interact. For some, it is a place to escape from the stresses of the outside world.

Into the Woods (01:14)

Sean is a self-proclaimed hermit who lives in the middle of nowhere. He creates props for the local theater, and his most notable creation is Captain Boons.

PTSD as a Reason To Be a Hermit (02:46)

Sean's experience in the military led to him developing PTSD, which caused him to isolate himself from anything that could trigger his anxiety.

Sean's Furry Childhood (02:35)

Sean found comfort in cosplaying as pop culture and sci fi characters as a child. After finding the furry community, he created Boons, his fursona, as a way to cope with PTSD and depression. He is taking Boons to his first furry event, Anthro Northwest, and is excited to meet other furries.

Alison's Story (02:46)

Alison is a gamer and former endurance athlete who was diagnosed with lupus and Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Due to the complexity of her conditions, she has no effective treatment options available. Despite her illness, she has found a creative outlet in painting animals and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Furry Furry Community (03:57)

Ashaeda is a furry character that Alison created to help her cope with her lupus. Ashaeda is very different from Alison, but for Alison, she is a way to transport herself back in time to when she was healthy. Ashaeda has a red stripe to represent her lupus.

Furry Convention (01:57)

Furries take over a hotel for a convention, and one of the most famous furries there is a Dutch Angel Dragon named Telephone.

YouTube and the Furry Community (01:52)

Telephone is a furry who found fame nearly four years ago through her playful spirit and entertaining YouTube videos. The furry community has helped many who struggle with social anxiety and feel like they do not fit in.

Surviving Anxiety and Building Coping Skills (02:27)

Anxiety can be debilitating, but it can also be managed with self-care techniques like exercise, breathing exercises, and talking to friends. For people who struggle with anxiety, conventions can be a great way to meet others who share their interests and to learn more about how to cope with their anxiety.

How Are You Doing? (01:42)

Some people enjoy dressing up as animals, commonly known as being a furry, because it allows them to feel more comfortable in their own skin. Despite the stigma and negativity surrounding furries, many find the community to be supportive and welcoming.

Just Who Are They (01:49)

Uncle Kage is a professional chemist and furry community fixture who believes that everyone should let their imagination go and enjoy the community's offerings. He refutes the perception that furries are a bunch of sexual deviants and believes that the community is healthy.

Pet Parents Meet and Greet (01:27)

Parents of furries often have a lot of questions about their children's involvement in the furry community. This panel is a meet and greet for those parents, and provides a space for them to ask those questions and share their experiences.

Finding Themselves (01:43)

Lilia's daughter is very outgoing and trusting, which scares her. Lilia herself is introverted, but made a good friend yesterday without talking to her. She found the panel emotional because it would have meant a lot to her if she had found something like this at her daughter's age.

Furry Convention Winds Down (02:28)

Sean and Alison attend Anthro Northwest, where they forge free friendships that last a lifetime. Sean gives a panel on anxiety, and Alison and John attend the masquerade ball.

Celebrating Furry Marriage (02:29)

Ashaeda and Alison Jeanette Bare get married at a furry convention.

Credits (00:12)


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