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Stay-at-Home Dad (04:05)


This episode of "This is Life with Lisa Ling" will feature two children whose fathers were killers. Jenn Carlson discovers girl scout patches while cleaning her mother's house. Lynne Carson separates from Jim after his behavior becomes erratic. (Credits)

Sharing Custody (02:58)

Susan Barnes convinces Jim to call himself Michael and physically abuses Jenn. Lynne is depicted as a bitter ex-wife when she seeks help from the police and family members.

Fleeing to California (02:47)

Lynne takes low-income jobs to stay in hiding. Jenn begins to fantasize that her father will save her. Her mother tells her about Jim's arrest and crimes at the local elementary school.

Jim's Crimes (02:23)

Jon Hellyar picks up two hitchhikers and is killed. After being arrested for the murder, Jim writes to the "San Francisco Chronicle" offering to confess to two more murders. During the press conference the couple admit to stabbing Keryn Barnes and Clark Stephens, claiming all the victims were witches.

Targeting Victims (05:45)

Those who suffer from Sadistic Personality Disorder take pleasure in brutalizing others. Serial killers are sociopaths or psychopaths, lacking human empathy. Jenn worries she will hurt someone because of genetics and takes medication to mitigate her anxiety and depression.

Indoctrination (03:41)

Zak Ebrahim has moved more than 30 times because his father was a Jihadi terrorist. El Sayyid Nosair wakes up his son for the first prayer each morning. Omar Abdel-Rahman or "The Blind Sheikh" espouses a strict interpretation of Islam.

Jihadi Killer (03:44)

Zak's mother convinces Nosair to move out of Jersey City. Meir Kahane, the founder of the Jewish Defence League, is assassinated in New York City. The family flees after learning Nosair is a suspect; a jury acquits him of the murder but finds him guilty of gun possession, coercion, and assault.

Jihadi Terrorist (02:54)

Nosair and "The Blind Sheikh" conspire to bomb the World Trade Center, killing six people. Nosair is retried for the murder of Kahane and sentenced to life. Ebrahim's mother obtains a divorce.

Turning Hatred Around (04:06)

Ebrahim is raised to believe that there is a natural animosity between Arabs and Jews. After working at an amusement park, he befriends a homosexual. Nosair wants to train the boy to fight in Afghanistan.

Parole Hearings (04:42)

Jenn refuses to speak to her father. Susan is denied parole and Michael sees the board in 2020. Jenn meets Hellyar's siblings Danny and Dianne.

Helping Others (00:0-2229)

Childrens of murderers worry about ending up like their parents. Jenn speaks up about her mental illness to family members whose relatives commit violent crimes. Zak Ebrahim speaks about intolerance and extremism at the Model United Nations.

Credits: Children of Killers (00:0-2512)

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Children of Killers

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Lisa Ling explores the lives of the children of mass murderers.

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