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Trump Developments (07:25)


"The Apprentice" promotes Donald Trump. In 2006, Sandra Sapol invests in the Trump Ocean Resort Baja, Mexico. The resort and several other buildings fail and everyone but Trump loses money. The Trump Organization keeps business details private.

Trump Ocean Resort Baja, Mexico (07:42)

Sapol reflects on believing Trump was the developer of her condo. Experts discuss Trump's licensing business, misleading comments and lies about his involvement with various projects, and exaggerated sales statements; buyers file a lawsuit.

Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C. (08:02)

The hotel is a power center for Republicans. Experts question foreign government spending at the hotel and favor currying; two attorney generals file a lawsuit. Trump is the only modern president not to sell his assets or place them in a blind trust.

Projects in India (06:38)

Outside of the U.S., India is the largest country for Trump businesses. Experts question marketing ethics, corruption, and Trump's partnerships that have ties with foreign countries.

Trump University (06:43)

Beth Wood pays $36,500 to learn real estate skills from hand-selected instructors and Trump's personal mentoring; many people file lawsuits against the university. Trump generates money through product promotion and building rentals. Experts question his purchase of golf courses with cash.

Fraudulent Lawsuit (05:23)

Sapol discusses learning about the termination of Trump Ocean Resort Baja, Mexico and trying to get her money back; Alan Garten cites buyer responsibility. Many file suit against Trump. Experts cite mysteries surrounding Trump businesses they would like solved.

Credits: Trump Family Business (00:08)

Credits: Trump Family Business

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For years, President Trump has bragged about his business prowess. However, he prefers to keep the details of how he makes money secret. Case in point: his current battles to keep his taxes and other financial documents away from scrutiny. CNN’s Erin Burnett takes a look at how the Trump Organization makes money.

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