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African Diaspora Network (05:32)


This episode will feature female innovators who inspire and empower others, and improve Africa. Almaz Negash discusses founding the organization, her background, and her goals. Her company gives three times more funding to the continent than foreign aid. (Credits)

Smart Havens Africa (04:45)

Access to sustainable housing for a woman is challenging in Uganda. Anne Rweyora discusses founding an affordable and eco-friendly rent to own housing plan. The company aims to build a 1,000 homes per year by cutting construction costs in half.

Majik Water (03:50)

One of the United Nations' sustainable development goals is universal access to clean drinking water. Beth Kiogi discusses using condensation technology to create pure water. The equipment can connect to any power source.

ITIKI Drought Prediction Tool (04:25)

This app warns of potential drought conditions. Muthoni Masinde discusses how farmers use traditional practices in Africa. Community liaison officers collect local knowledge that the website combines with data from weather stations.

Music of Black Origin (04:25)

Kanya King discusses her childhood, founding MOBO in 1996, and becoming a media entertainment company. Success is the impact one can make in the world.

Credits: Innovate Africa: Part 4 (00:20)

Credits: Innovate Africa: Part 4

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Innovate Africa: Part 4

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Female innovators on the African continent find solutions to global problems like drought, access to clean water and affordable housing and provide opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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